Project & Building Services



Effective project management and implementation rely on a number of factors, including understanding client objectives, good communications with contractors, and contract management experience.

Our project management services span the whole project life cycle, from idea to completion, including planning, scheduling, cost control, design, construction, and commissioning.

We provide project management solutions tailored to your specific requirements using our broad project delivery experience in a variety of industry sectors, as well as tools and methodologies based on industry best practices.

We assist our clients in achieving their long-term goals and ensure the highest levels of safety and quality of their projects.


PBS provides construction management services across a range of sectors to help clients successfully complete their projects.

We offer construction management services and deal with all stages of project execution, from concept development and design to procurement, construction, commissioning, and hand-over. Our services are designed to suit your specific project requirements, and can be adapted according to your project structure.

PBS project managers work closely with all stakeholders, including clients, suppliers, contractors, and regulatory agencies, to ensure that your project is delivered on time, on budget, and on value. Our team will strive to maintain control of your project and ensure the most productive and effective results.

Our role as a construction manager is to be a reliable and trustworthy partner to our clients with openness and adequate communication. Successful and safe completion of a project is our high priority.


PBS is a reliable provider of building supervision & monitoring services on time, on budget, safely, and with the highest quality. We serve as a coordinator between project owners, prime contractors, and suppliers.

PBS offers expert construction monitoring carefully designed to ensure the success of your project. The size and location of your project are no obstacles for us, and we can provide you with extensive experience spanning all aspects of construction.

Our skilled personnel can effectively control and supervise every aspect of your construction project, as well as ensure that contract terms are followed. Project terms are typically based on the most widely used global standards for construction contracts, including the various versions of contract conditions of the International Federation of Consulting Engineers (FIDIC).


An accurate estimate serves as a critical communication tool, as well as a project roadmap, from the budgeting stage to the final design documents and deliverables.

PBS’s cost estimation services provide clients with a well-developed project budget, as well as data-driven construction recommendations. Our team of experienced estimators offers detailed quantity takeoffs and pricing in every phase of design and construction. Our estimating approach is to keep databases of historical and current construction costs, including labor, material, equipment, and subcontractors.

By identifying and analyzing the project scope, time, cost, quality, and performance, PBS generates an accurate assessment of construction costs at all phases of each project.  We utilize a unique estimation system specifically developed to meet our clients’ needs. Our expertise will deliver the results you require.